End-of-Summer Party Made Easy

One thing I've learned living in Texas is that the summertime can be too hot to tolerate. To stay sane and truly enjoy summer,  you have to find ways to "beat the heat." It's a legit term around here. To help you do that, I've teamed up with one of Austin's ultimate party-throwing queens, Jessica from Pretty Goods ATX, and we're bringing you a fun and creative way to close out your summer in style! Here's the game plan:

1. Pick a date and invite those friends over who you've been wanting to connect with all summer.

2. Choose from our END-OF-SUMMER COMBO SALE (details below), a party package that includes bright colored cake stands with matching party decor so you can easily create a fun styled dessert table or food table at your party. We'll package it all together for a one-stop pickup the day before your bash.

3. Head on over to your favorite bakery or grocery and grab some fresh fruit, snacks and your favorite desserts that scream summertime. My go-to's include watermelon, strawberries and pretty much any lemon flavored pastry. 

4. Grab some refreshing bevies. There's always Rosé but my most recent find is a sparkling water brand called Spindrift (sold at Trader Joe's) which is made with real squeezed fruit, nothing else added.  It's SO GOOD.  (insider tip: grapefruit and lemon are the best flavors.) Also, never underestimate the greatness of sparkling water and citrus slices. 

5. Set-up at your location: If a poolside party is an option for you, you're definitely winning. But this set-up can be done anywhere, indoors or out. Summer evenings are the best. With the displays and decor already picked out the rest of your set-up will be pretty effortless. You'll have time to get your favorite playlist rockin' and a drink in hand when your pals arrive.

6. Relax and throwback with your friends in a really special way. Soak it in. You're doing summer right.



Your choice of FOUR Melody's Joy cake stands
( 2 large/medium and 2 small)
Your choice of matching party decor from Pretty Goods ATX (see choicees below)

Customize your party decor by picking ONE of your favorite options to be included in your package:

  • 6 Paper Honeycombs/Paper Fans (assorted colors & sizes 12", 10", 8", 6") or

  • 16" Gold Letter Balloons (with the words: HOORAY, SUMMER, SPLASH, BE COOL) or

  • 40" Gold Letter Balloons (with the word: YAY)