Where is your location? I'm located in (east central) Austin, TX.

Can you help me pick-out the perfect display pieces for my event?
Absolutely- it's one of my favorite things to do! Both services I offer include picking the displays from my collection to pair perfectly with your desserts. I'm very thoughtful when it comes to choosing your displays as I want your table to look beautiful; you can find the details I take into consideration and more about my design process here. If any displays catch your eye from my collection, let me know. I'm constantly adding to my inventory and may not have all my pieces on the website so if you are looking for a certain color or style please ask. 

If I'm planning on having a styled dessert table at my party, what info do I need to know?
Perfect! This means you are looking to create a dessert table setting and will need multiple displays and likely other table decor and accents. Please fill out the dessert table questionnaire here with as many details related to your vision as possible to get the process started. I'm excited to hear your vision! 

Do you deliver?
Yes, I deliver in and around the Austin area. The delivery and/or pick-up fee is customized per your location, day and time of event.

Do I need to wash the items prior to return?
Nope, I’ve got you covered.  All of my pieces are extremely fragile and hand-washed only.  I ask that you use the provided plastic wrap to cover only the tops of the visibly dirty displays before re-wrapping them back in the protective bubble wrap. This allows me to re-use my packing supplies.

Is there a cleaning fee?
Cleaning is included in the rental cost. The only time a cleaning fee is applied is to larger orders of  25 display pieces or more.

Are you a baker?
Baking is not my ace game but styling is! Luckily for me, in our house my husband mans the Kitchen Aid!  I do however, partner with stellar local bakers and can offer great recommendations for your party. I also offer bakery coordination and depending on your bakery and your chosen desserts, I can arrange pick-up and delivery for you as well.

Can I rent plates and silverware too?
Yes you can! Right now I can accommodate dessert plates and silverware for small parties (under 30 guest count). I'm in the process of expanding my collection so check-in with me about your needs.

How do you come up with your rental prices?
My rental prices are a reflection of the following variables: the majority of my pieces are rare to find, need to be delicately washed and stored and lastly, are difficult to replace, as most are not manufactured anymore.

Where are your vintage pieces from?
I’ve sourced them carefully from auctions, antique shows and estates from all over the country. A large portion of my collection is sourced from the East Coast where I am originally from and travel to often.

Are your items available for purchase?
My collection is very special to me as I’ve gone to great lengths to find unique pieces and make them available to you to rent.  I’m in the process of expanding my online shop to offer vintage home and tableware provisions, so keep checking back or sign-up for my newsletter here stay updated.

How can I get more info on your policies affecting payment, cancellation and damaged items?
Once your inquiry has been received, you’ll receive an estimate with a contract that reviews these policies. I'm happy to answer any additional questions by phone or email as well.