Hi there! I'm Melody and I'm a dessert table designer.
I help party-throwers and event planners
who desire a visually stunning dessert table to
 create a memorable experience for their guests. 

I partner with bakers and pastry chefs to curate
thoughtful and tastefully styled dessert tables.

I believe that styling is an art form that has the power to enhance the value of an experience. 

 My design aesthetic is feminine, understated, elegant but playful.

My own journey began by selling vintage
home provisions, influenced by my love for entertaining and creating beautiful spaces.  I appreciate elements of vintage blended with modern and fresh concepts.  I currently source vintage tableware from all over the country and sell at select locations around Austin.  Selling tableware led to the outgrowth of my dessert display collection and now my dessert table design
service that I uniquely offer. 

What lights me up is facilitating an experience that is meaningful for others.

I am a nurturer, it’s my most innate quality and it will show up when we work together.  I am most fulfilled when I help people feel taken care of and supported.  With my dessert table design service, my approach is always thoughtful. From the moment we begin our conversation I seek to understand what makes you most excited about offering a dessert table at your party, what look and feel you want the table to have and what experience you want to create for your guests. I take your vision and create a custom design for your dessert table that is a fun expression of you. My attention to detail always shines through from procuring the perfectly paired displays for your desserts to the delicate final touches that bring the ultimate charm to your table.

We'll work together to design a statement piece for your party.
And on the day of your celebration, you'll enjoy your favorite desserts on
a beautifully styled table that you and your guests will absolutely adore!

The Gal Behind MJ

Melody's Joy is a play on my first and middle name and its also the intersection of things in my life
that make me really happy. 

I'm frequently asked if I'm a musician and ironically I'm not, but I did marry one! (Does that count?) I do keep a small shaker in my car at all times for those impromptu car dance parties- I think you know exactly what I'm talking about! 

When I'm not searching for or styling pretty things, you can find me working as a nurse, traveling, enjoying local music with my husband, snuggling with my chocolate lab or cycling outside with friends.