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Melody’s Joy is a dessert display rental & styling company, curating thoughtful and tasteful dessert tablescapes for intimate events. I partner with bakers, event planners and hosts to design memorable dessert tablescapes both visually and interactively.

Melody's Joy is a play on my first and middle name. It is also an intersection of things in my life that bring me joy – vintageware, artistry and celebration. The vision for Melody’s Joy stems from two of my core values –  to create beauty in the world around me and to create meaningful experiences for others.

I carry a strong appreciation for presentation. I believe that the art of styling has the power to enhance the appeal and value of an experience. When designing your dessert tablescape – my goal is to create a cohesive, attractive setting. I want your guests to be impressed visually and interact easily with your dessert table.

I aim to infuse my life with beauty and hope to inspire others to do the same. I draw inspiration from travel, honest conversation and living in the present. When not collecting or styling pretty things, you can find me enjoying local music with my husband, working as an RN, snuggling with my pup or cycling with friends. 

I have a deep affinity for vintageware. In addition to offering dessert display rentals, I source vintage tableware from all over the country and sell at select locations around Austin. I get excited when a piece from my collection adds the perfect charm to your home or celebration.  

  If you are a a planner or host and would like Melody’s Joy to be a part of your celebration, I would be excited to hear more.  If you are a Creative and my vision resonates with you, I would love to collaborate. 

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